Hi everyone!

I successfully passed eJPT exam a few days ago and would like to share my experience with you.

Does eJPT worth it?

INE program for preparing for the exam is free, certificate costs only 200$ and includes 2 tries, therefore it’s definitely a good opportunity for a novice to start your hacking journey and test yourself.
However, it seems that you won’t be able to get a position of a junior penetration tester having just this certificate. After doing some research regarding top penetration testing certificates required to get a job, I didn’t find a single one from eLearnSecurity. In my opinion it’s totally unfair, cause eJPT is 100% practical certificate and is certainly much better than solely theory-based multitudes of the multiple-choice question certifications.

Some advice for preparing:

Do all the tasks πŸ™‚

Pay attention to the labs, when you finish the course, it will be better to look through all the labs again and check if you remember everything. If you are not sure, better do it again (the course allows you to do it unlimited number of times).

Be especially diligent with the routing: you should practice more on this topic, and be aware that you have really deep understanding of this process.

Ability to work with Metasploit and Burp is of paramount importance as well. In course you will get some basic knowledge, but I would recommend to improve your skills: watch additional video on YouTube, read more articles, until you will be able to catch all instruments that you can use in these tools.

Practice with retired easy machines on Hack The Box. I suppose 10-20 machines will be good.

My advice for the exam:

Don’t forget to use materials that you will receive with the exam.

Follow the questions one by one and hack. I mean, sticking to the questions was really helpful for me; reading the questions gave me a sense of direction and helped not to be chaotic and not wasting my time.

Remember that it is a junior level and don’t overthink. Sometimes I got stuck because I thought: what if there is something more that I missed? No! nothing more, no tricks.

Good luck!

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