Welcome, digital adventurers, to my arcane workshop. Behold my collection of mystical cyber tools, forged in the fires of code and curiosity. Gear up for your next quest!

NetGazer: Web Server Screenshot Capturer. NetGazer is designed to efficiently capture screenshots of websites and web servers based on a predefined list of IP addresses and URLs. It then meticulously organizes and presents these results in a Word document table.


Sanitizer: Network Address Cleanup Tool. A nice simple tool designed to take different address inputs, efficiently converting mixed formats like CIDR, IP ranges, and domain URLs into a uniform list of IP addresses and domains. Perfect for streamlining network setup and security analysis tasks.


WebScout: Web Server Discovery Tool. WebScout is an efficient tool designed for scanning and identifying live web servers across networks. It offers configurable options to tailor scans to specific network environments and needs. Can be nicely chained with the Sanitizer.


PassPatternLab: Password Analysis Toolkit. A dedicated research repository consisting of a number of tools I designed for uncovering the intricate world of password patterns and user behavior in creating passwords:

  • The Character Frequency Analysis Tool
  • The Positional Character Analysis Tool
  • The Detailed Positional Character Analysis Tool
  • The Enhanced Password Composition Analysis Tool
  • The Sequential Character Analysis Tool
  • The Positional Character Succession Analysis Tool


PortLens: Your Cyber Lens for the Ports. PortLens provides detailed insights into any port. This tool presents port-related data such as services, threats, and detailed specifics associated with any port number you submit to it.


HeaderScope: Security Header Inspector. Precisely analyzes and reports on the security configurations of HTTP headers, checking for adherence to best practices and pinpointing common security oversights to bolster your website’s defenses.


PathFinder: Cyber Realm Navigator. This simple & agile web-spidering tool dives deep into the web, navigating through layers of URLs to uncover hidden links and forge paths previously untrodden.